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Are you worried about a property tax increase 
when referendum "NO" votes prevail?


It turns out that many
homeowners can
SAVE money by Voting "NO."
Scroll down, or click here to see why. 


FAQ:  When "NO" votes prevail, will the contract
remain in place and be enforceable?
FAQ:   Will organized collection continue?


No, because local controls necessary
to carry out the program will be gone.
"The 17.4% tax increase is phony."
Click here for details.


FACT:  Trash prices are likely to go UP
January 1, 2020, and again
January 1, 2021, ...2022, ...2023.


When haulers demand more money,
the City says you pay.
Vote "NO" to say that's "Not OK"
Click here for details.

FAQ:  Was the public kept informed
during contract negotiations? 

No.  While negotiating details of the trash contract,
the City and haulers withheld information
and met repeatedly behind closed doors.
Open Meeting Law?  What's that?
Click here for details.



"NO" means
I vote for Changes!


"YES" means I'm happy,
you should be too.


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In 2017, Maplewood and St. Paul set prices for trash.
St. Paul customers pay MUCH more.
What happened?


"Organized" Prices

St. Paul

"Organized" Prices


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