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St. Paul



Thank you for your input.

We are being "heard," loud & clear.   So far, however, talking and writing and signing petitions has failed to change the short-term outcome.



Petitions are being submitted and signatures verified.  While waiting to see what happens, PLEASE:

Contact the mayor, deputy mayor and city council (see below).  Explain the street-level effects of "their" garbage program.

Post public comments on the city's web pages (see below). 





DESPITE opposition by thousands of affected residents (not just a few hundred), City Councilmembers cast their votes on four garbage program ordinances: 

  • August 8, 2018

    • ORD 18-37: "Six in favor, no one opposed, the ordinance is adopted."

    • ORD 18-38: "Six in favor, no one opposed, the ordinance is adopted."

    • ORD 18-40: "Six in favor, no one opposed, the ordinance is adopted."

  • September 5, 2018:

    • ORD 18-39: "Four in favor, two opposed (Prince & Bostrom), one absent (Thao), the ordinance is adopted."

According to Saint Paul's City Charter, the people shall have the right, via petitions, to require (new) ordinances to be submitted to a vote (see Sec. 8.05 - Referendum).

  • More than 6,000 signatures have been collected on each of two petitions for referendums on: 

    • ORD 18-40 -- 5,919 signatures were delivered to the city on September 27, 2018.  More have been collected since then.  On October 8th, 5,071 signatures were certified as valid -- more than the 4,932 required.



      Pioneer Press

    • ORD 18-39 -- 6,000+ signatures had been collected as of 10/01/2018 and more are coming in every day.  Petitions will be delivered in mid-October, 2018.

  • As we see it, the people's right to petition and require a vote existed long before St. Paul's garbage contract was signed.  The people's right to petition is NOT preempted by MN Statute 115A.94.  And the people's right to require a vote should not be shoved aside by hasty publicity plus an onslaught of garbage carts. 

  • City officials disagree.  Week after week after week, the essence of their response has been:  The contract is valid.  There may be confusion but the garbage program will roll despite petitions, regardless of unpopular provisions, and with or without citizens' support.

Minnesota's Senator Amy Klobuchar, on September 28, 2018, was not talking about the organized collection of our household trash.  Her underlying message can, however, be applied to local policy-makers.  Senator Klobuchar's closing words to the Senate Judiciary Committee ring all too true in Washington, DC, and in St. Paul, MN:


"I come from a state that believes in process..."

"Right now, the way this process is run, we're not running it like We the people.  It's being run like We the ruling party."


PLEASE:  Contact Elected Officials.   Give your opinion of St. Paul's new garbage program and the process by which it has been "rolled out."  Explain how the program, as currently designed, affects you, your family, and/or your neighbors.  The City Council received a report from the Ramsey County Elections Manager and on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the Council will determine by resolution the sufficiency of our petition on ORD 18-40(Note: The Council's resolution on ORD 18-40 will not directly or immediately affect the garbage program's implementation via ORD 18-39.  The petition for a referendum on ORD 18-39, with 6,000+ signatures, will be submitted in mid-October.)  Honest input ahead of the Council's resolution can help to clarify the depth of citizens' disappointment, frustration and more.  Although the two petitions and anticipated referendums are not an immediate opportunity to re-write The Contract, constructive criticism can provide ideas for how (someday, maybe) to do it over and get it "right."  Let's start running this like We the people


Mayor Melvin Carter

Join me in building a city that works - for all of us.

Web Page:  mayors-office 

Office #:  651-266-8510               Mayor's Online:  Contact Form

Deputy Mayor Jaime Tincher

Web Page:  deputy-mayor-jaime-tincher 

Email c/o Christine Rider, Senior Aide to the Deputy Mayor:

Saint Paul City Council

Web Page:  city-council 

Fax:  651-266-8574

Contact or send comments to one or more councilmembers at: 


District Council & Ward Lookup



We circulated TWO petitions and 6,000+ St. Paul residents signed BOTH at the same time.   It's an enormous task.   Thank you for joining us.




(See:  Documents to Download)

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Links to City's Web Pages

Ordinance # 18-39  &  18-40

Resolution # 18-1760    Determining "sufficiency" of petitions on ORD 18-40

Ordinance # 18-xx    Repeal of ORD 18-40    (Anticipated, but not yet drafted)


Screenshot of City's Web Page(s)

The City's helpful links to "Text" and "Public Comments" are easily overlooked

and cannot be bookmarked, emailed, or directly accessed via non-City web pages.

Please see below for where to click your mouse cursor

after you arrive at the City's page(s).

Although these two ordinances were adopted long ago,

it is NOT too late to add Public Comments.

Doing so will create an easily visible archive of public opinion.


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This petition drive is a first step toward
achieving these GOALS:

  • Ability to Opt Out
  • Ability to Share Containers
  • Reduce Excessive Price Increases
  • Reduce Excessive Space Requirements
  • Make the Program FAIR TO ALL
Real-Life Examples
Financial & Space Implications
Then What?

Petitions now.  What's next?