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LAWSUIT-1:  Unlawful Denial of
Referendum on ORD 18-39.
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Why did more than 6,000 residents sign petitions?

Because of mandated...

Organized trash "arrived" October 1, 2018 in St. Paul.  Residents and owners of privately-owned 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-unit buildings are confronted by significant changes.  (Not surprisingly, publicly-owned [e.g., City-owned] residential dwellings are exempt from these mandates -- thus, saving money, space, and administrative hassles.)  

Many citizens believe that at least some of the new rules are unreasonable.  Others take issue with the process by which the City entered into a five-year contract with Haulers.  Although today this program is limited to small buildings, its roll-out can be seen as a trial balloon for eventual changes to be forced onto all privately-owned residential dwellings. 

  • On November 14, 2018, the St. Paul City Council, via Resolution #18-1922 that disregards binding precedent directly on point, voted 6-1, denying citizens' right to submit Ordinance #18-39 to a ballot vote.  Despite finding our Petition “legally sufficient,” the City claims that the subject matter is “not appropriate to submit to the electorate.”

  • We (residents of St. Paul, MN) strongly disagree, and in order to enforce our right to vote on St. Paul's new trash plan, our only remedy is to sue the City.  We have retained Greg Joseph, the same attorney who successfully defeated the pre-emption claim on behalf of residents in Bloomington, MN.  [see Status]

  • Will you help by Donating to our Legal Fund?


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Our petition drive is a first step toward
achieving these GOALS:

  • Ability to Opt Out
  • Ability to Share Containers
  • Reduce Excessive Price Increases
  • Reduce Excessive Space Requirements
  • Make the Program FAIR TO ALL
Real-Life Examples
Financial & Space Implications
Then What?

Petitions now.  What's next?

Questions?      Click  here  for our FAQ page.