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Trash Cart Mandate
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NOTE:  If you are gathering signatures, please turn in your completed forms.  We need to check for errors, update our signature count, compile data, and prepare for hand-delivery to the city.  The sooner we receive your pages, the better.   (See Due Date(See Status)

HOST Your Own
Set up a table and maybe a "display."  Be creative.   Contact us to add your pop-up to our listings.


Dimensions are 22 by 12. Kinko's and Office Max will print these for you--Eric in Office Max print dept (St. Paul Midway location) knows our group/issue.  Need a left arrow?  Contact





This petition drive is a first step toward
achieving these GOALS:

  • Ability to Opt Out
  • Ability to Share Containers
  • Reduce Excessive Price Increases
  • Reduce Excessive Space Requirements
  • Make the Program FAIR TO ALL
Real-Life Examples
Financial & Space Implications
Then What?

Petitions now.  What's next?