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NOTE:   If you have been gathering signatures, please turn in your completed forms.  (See Due Date ) 


A referendum is the process by which a legislative ordinance adopted by the City Council is then "referred" or submitted to a vote to be taken by the city's residents, allowing the people to either approve or reject the ordinance passed by the Council.  In August and September 2018, the Council adopted four "garbage program" ordinances.  

Voters are petitioning the St. Paul City Council for referendums on two of the four ordinances, 18-39 & 18-40.  Because two ordinances are involved, we circulated TWO petitions and 6,000+ St. Paul residents signed BOTH at the same time.  (See Status)  

  • Thursday, September 27, 2018, was our initial deadline (for Ordinance 18-40). 
    • We submitted 5,919 signatures.  
    • On October 8, 2018, 5,071 were certified as valid -- more than the 4,932 required.
    • On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the Council will determine by resolution the sufficiency of our petition on ORD 18-40
  • Monday, October 15, 2018, is our next "turn-in-forms-to-organizers" deadline (for Ordinance 18-39).  

It is an enormous task.  Thank you for joining us!


Trash Ordinance 18-39 (allows City to implement its garbage program)

        We have not yet submitted the signatures in support of our petition # 1 which seeks a referendum on Ordinance 18-39, due to its later publication date and referendum deadline. The deadline for this petition is now imminent.

        If you have been gathering signatures, please turn in your completed & notarized forms.  We need to check for errors, update our signature count, compile data, and prepare for hand-delivery to the city.  If we don't have them in our hands, they won't be counted.    (See Status)

Please mail or deliver notarized petitions to any of the following locations:


US Bank Center  (Law Offices)

101 5th Street East, #1500

St. Paul, MN 55101

1467 Grand Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55105


775 Edmund Avenue West

St. Paul, MN 55104

110 Virginia Street

St. Paul, MN 55102


Or, contact us to arrange pick-up &/or a notary public:          651-300-7808  (voicemail or text)


This petition drive is a first step toward
achieving these GOALS:

  • Ability to Opt Out
  • Ability to Share Containers
  • Reduce Excessive Price Increases
  • Reduce Excessive Space Requirements
  • Make the Program FAIR TO ALL
Real-Life Examples
Financial & Space Implications
Then What?

Petitions now.  What's next?

Minnesota Voter Registration Application

Petition signers MUST currently be residents of and registered to vote in the City of Saint Paul.   If you have never voted in St. Paul, if you moved to a new house or apartment but have not updated your address, or if you voted more than one year ago, please  Click Here  (MN Secretary of State - voter status).

City of St. Paul -- Garbage Service Info

May 2018

Cost Analysis by John Genereux - August 2018

St. Paul Trash - Flyer

Download and hand out to anyone who would like one


City of St. Paul -- Trash Cart Mandate

Annual costs + Other information

How many carts are required for my building?

Can I share a cart with my neighbor(s)?

As a "zero waster," can I opt out?