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     As you know, on November 14, 2018, the City Council voted 6-1, denying our right to submit its Ordinance 18-39 to a ballot vote. Despite finding our Petition “legally sufficient,” they claimed the subject matter was “not appropriate to submit to the electorate.” In order to enforce our legal right to a ballot vote, we need to sue the city.

     We have engaged an attorney who is experienced in this type of litigation. In preparation for the legal fight we are about to commence, our all-volunteer steering committee has registered our “St. Paul Trash Lawsuit” as a Political Action Committee (PAC) in order to raise the funds we need to pursue this lawsuit. We will comply with all financial reporting requirements for PAC’s.

Our Lawsuit Objectives:

  • Force the City to hold a referendum vote on their new mandatory trash policy on the Nov. 2019 city ballot;
  • Return our residents to a lower cost trash collection system with a greater range of options, including opting out and sharing services; and
  • Support environmentally responsible lifestyles of recycling and composting instead of regressive and unnecessary trash collection services.

     In order to start the lawsuit, we need to raise an initial $15,000. The strong community support for this cause is evident, as we’ve already raised a portion of what we need, even without a public solicitation. Additional funds (beyond that $15,000) will be required to carry our case through the trial court, appellate court, and up to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

     In order for us to REALLY be successful, we ask that you make a donation (in any amount) at our website. (click here to donate)

     And, we hope that you will continue to support our efforts by spreading the word to your St. Paul neighbors and friends.

     For more information and our latest updates, go to:  


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